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At Home Treatment for Kidney Stones

Kidneys are a pair of vertebrate organs that are bean shaped.  These are situated near the spinal column in the human body and functions as excretory organs that assist in flushing out waste products from the body after completion of its metabolic process.  When mineral materials begin to concentrate in high levels within the kidney, it results in formation of hard, crystal-like matter medically termed as kidney stones or nephrolithiasis.

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As per studies conducted, men are more likely to develop this condition than females, probably because female hormones do a great job of preventing the formation of kidney calculus.  For people who are prone to develop kidney stones, it is better for them to act ahead of time and take steps to prevent its formation.  It would be best to never encourage the body to get to a dehydrated state or stay dehydrated for extended periods of time.  Also, it would work in one’s favor when plenty of fluid is consumed at regular intervals and some dietary changes are made to decrease the probability of developing calculus in the kidneys.  We humans need to consume at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis.  Making sure that the body meets this requirement will ensure that the kidneys are well hydrated and less stones are formed.

If you are suffering from this painful condition, there are some popular home remedies that seem to have effectively cured this condition in some.

Home Remedies

(1) – Water derived from a tender coconut and consumed on a regular basis tends to increase the flow of urine and effective in the treatment of kidney stones.  It attenuates urine and has properties that assist in dissolving kidney calculus the natural way.  It is best to consume the water when fresh.

(2) – Juice extracted from lemons (two ounces) when combined with olive oil (two ounces) and taken regularly, at three-hour intervals, makes passing of stones a less painful process.  Also, the acidic content in lemons helps in breaking the stones to smaller bits for its easy passage through the urinary tract.

(3) – Another food combination that seem to work effectively in getting rid of kidney stones naturally is lemon and celery.  Four stalks of celery washed thoroughly and juice extracted from half a lemon can be blended along with a few slices of cucumber and parsley sprigs and consumed regularly.

(4) – Similarly, the flesh of one orange fruit blended with slices of watermelon and pear and taken regularly helps in reducing the size of kidney stones allowing it to pass easily through the bladder and out of the body.

(5) – Pomegranate juice decreases the acidic concentration in urine by diluting it and relieves pain during urination to a great extent.  Seeds of this fruit ground to a paste and a teaspoon of it consumed three times in a day will help in dissolving the stones naturally.  However, people with stones that are composed of calcium should refrain from enjoying this fruit as it is high in oxalic acid and will only encourage in stone formation.

Before embarking on any alternative remedies to cure kidney stones, it is best advised to know the nature of the stones formed, consult a physician, and then start on treating self.