Dissolve & Pass Kidney Stones in Ureter with Home Remedies

Kidney Stones in Ureter – Home Remedies

Taking in medications, supplements in high doses and for a longer period of time will have adverse effects on one’s body.  While many are aware of the fact that preventing diseases from occurring is wise than finding ways to get them treated, seldom do they follow preventive measures.  Home remedial measures are available for curing almost all simple disorders, and effective as well to keep them from occurring again and again.

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For kidney stones, however, it would be ideal to employ home remedies along with drug therapy.  It should never take the place of standard treatment methods, for this can make the disorder more complex.


Stones lodged in the ureters can be forced out of its settled position by drinking plenty of fluids.  Taking in water abundantly, two liters or even more will help in flushing out small stones, as well as remove those substances that cause kidney stones to form.  To add variety, though, various types or fruit juices and natural drinks can be made a part of the fluid intake.

Tender coconut water has a diuretic effect – increases urine flow.  It also contains more of potassium, which is basically potassium citrate.  Citrates are excellent stone inhibitors, as well as have the ability to reduce the size of existing stones.  Drink this fresh, not the bottled version, every second day to increase the chance of dislodging stones from the ureters.  Coconut water has a tendency to remove excess fluids to produce more urine, so follow it up with drinking plenty of water to compensate for the fluid loss.

Likewise, lemonade made from fresh cut lemons contains adequate quantities of citrate.  The citrate forms a coating around the crystals formed, discouraging them from adhering to other crystals so as to solidify and form a kidney stone.  In order to flush stones from the ureters, crush enough lemons to get a glass of concentrated juice.  To it add four glasses of water.  Drink one glass of this diluted lemon extract every hour for every single day, until the stone passes out.

Pomegranates are again high in potassium.  Potassium is essential to balance out sodium in the body, excess sodium removal by the kidneys can result in high urinary calcium excretion, causing calcium stones.  Pomegranate juice, a cup a day, is recommended to prevent as well as to flush small stones from the ureters.  Pomegranates can be combined with watermelon juice to enhance its flavor.  Snacking on fresh cut watermelon pieces will also keep the urine flow regular.

Another natural drink that has been found to have diuretic effect, is green tea.  Prepare tea from steeping one teaspoon of green tea leaves in a cup of hot boiled water for three minutes.  Strain, add honey for flavoring and consume a cup every day.  Again, follow it up by taking in sufficient amounts of water.

Pineapple juice too has natural diuretic properties.  It helps in maintaining proper functions of the kidneys, removing toxins and other waste substances from the body, and expelling them out effectively in urine.  A glass of fresh pineapple juice can be taken daily to facilitate kidney stone passage from the ureters.

All fruit juices consumed that have a diuretic effect should be followed with plenty of water intake to avoid dehydration.  Preferably, avoid using sugar to sweeten juice extracts.  Sugar, again, can interfere with the chemical reactions occurring in the body and trigger kidney stone formation.

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