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 Home Remedies for Dissolving & Passing Kidney Stones

lemon juice home remedyThere is a rise in individuals experiencing severe pain from kidney stones at the present time.  This is more common among those who follow unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits.  Almost 90% of kidney stones are formed from buildup of calcium deposits.  Relief from common symptoms and easy passage of stones can be enabled with the use of food ingredients easily available in every household.

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Recommended and most effective home remedial measure that the sufferer initially is requested to follow is to drink plenty of fluids.  Lots of water consumption assists in diluting the urine and preventing kidney stones from taking shape.  The type of water consumed also makes a lot difference while attempting to treat kidney stones.  Water high in mineral contents may hamper your attempts; instead, choose to drink distilled water.  Around 90-120 ounces of water is recommended for daily consumption if you have already suffered from kidney stones in the past.

Fresh tender coconut water has the ability to reduce the size of kidney stones naturally, thereby easing its passage out of the body in a less painful manner.  Regular consumption of this drink increases the flow of urine, decreases the chances of urine getting concentrated, and assists in prevention of stone formation.

Pomegranate juice along with the juice of watermelon will assist in dissolving small uric acid stones, will help in reducing the acidity levels in urine thereby discouraging the formation of stones altogether.  However, people with calcium oxalate stones should refrain from drinking this because it is high in oxalic acids.

Citrus fruits and vegetables help in naturally dissolving calcium renal stones.  Extract juice from fresh lemons.  To 1 cup of lemon juice add in 4 cups of water and drink.  Ensure this is prepared and consumed 3 times in a day, every day, until relief is got.

Fresh Apple juice : Likewise, pure and fresh apple juice helps in softening and eases passage of kidney stones out of the body’s system.  Approximately 1 cup of fresh apple juice should be consumed at every 2-hour interval for 3 days to be able to see great results.

Foods high in fiber assists in flushing out waste products from the body’s system naturally.  Food products high in water soluble fiber, found in most fruits and vegetables should be part of your regular diet.

Diet Control : Consume less meat products for a diet rich in proteins promotes kidney stone formation.  Any given day, your meat consumption should not exceed 2 servings.

Your regular diet should be low in oxalates if kidney stones are a result of calcium buildup.  Avoid increased intake of all types of berries, nuts, soybean products; beet greens, spinach, amaranth, parsley; rhubarb deserts, black currants, marmalade, etc.  Also refrain from regular consumption of dairy products, calcium and vitamin D supplements.

In cases where the kidney stones are resulting from high uric acid levels in the urine, then regular celery seed consumption would give the sufferer great relief.  This is because celery seeds have revealed to lower the levels of uric acid in urine naturally.  In 1 cup of boiling water add 1 tbsp of celery seeds and simmer for some time.  Remove from flame, strain and drink regularly.

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Instead of providing an apt body environment for kidney stones to take shape, try to prevent it as far as possible by following a healthy diet, taking in plenty of fluids, and by exercising regularly.