Silent Kidney Stones : Home Remedies To Flush Out Your Kidney Stones

Silent Kidney Stones

Kidney stone is a result of crystallization of mineral elements that naturally accumulate in urine.  Once the crystals form in a dense solution, they normally develop a tendency to stick together to form a solidified mass.  The size of the stone will vary in size, ranging from two millimeters to one centimeter or even more.  Stone that does not bring about any symptoms or do not cause any urinary obstruction, and instead moves out in urine spontaneously, is termed as ‘silent’ kidney stones.  Such stones usually get detected while the individual goes through their routine health checkups, or does diagnostic tests and procedures to determine other disease conditions.Read about Silent Kidney Stone Diet .

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Silent stones usually get eliminated out in a natural manner.  There are several home remedies that can be followed to achieve rapid results.

Home Remedies To Dissolve Silent Kidney Stones



Drinking plenty of water each day will aid in dissolving mineral elements and other substances in urine that can crystallize to form kidney stones.  The recommended amount for normal individuals is eight glasses of water or more, but stone sufferers should increase this to three liters in a 24-hour period.


Coconut Water


Researchers have revealed that drinking tender coconut water regularly can be effective in dissolving small gravel sized kidney stones.  This natural drink has diuretic properties, which will directly affect urine flow by increasing it.  Consume fresh water rather than the bottled ones that can be carbonated or contain preservatives.

Lemon Extract

Lemon extract, juice prepared from lemons fresh at home, is advised to be taken daily to prevent as well as to allow stone passage.  Preferably, consume unsweetened lemonades as the first drink in the morning, before eating or drinking anything else.  Follow it by drinking the juice at every one-hour interval for twelve hours. ►► Click Here To  Buy Lemon Extract From Amazon’s website.


Exercise Method 1 :

Certain stretching exercises and yoga poses will help in obtaining rapid results in stone elimination.  Stretch the arm, the side which the affected kidney is situated, upward and jump up and down several times.  The stone gets pushed down the ureters with the force of jumping, enabling to get rid of it with less discomfort.  Another alternative is to lie down on the stomach with hands stretched out on either side.  Slowly and gradually raise the chest and head off the floor and stay in this position while taking in deep breaths.  This will massage and stimulate the kidneys, thereby assisting in eliminating small stones.

Exercise Method 2

Foot reflexology, which is manipulating pressure points in each foot, will help in stimulating passage of kidney stones.  This can be done by the sufferer himself, or by a family member.  The kidney reflex point on the foot lies in the arched middle portion of the foot, under the instep.  Apply sufficient pressure on this reflex point using the thumbs, simply bend and unbend the thumbs.  Gradually increase pressure which may bring about tremendous pain, but this is essential to help the stone move out.

As the stone makes its downward movement, some amount of discomfort may be experienced in the back and lower abdominal regions.  Apply heating pads to relieve this uneasiness.

Follow all practices of cleanliness as far as toilet habits are concerned, follow proper wiping techniques after every bowel movement, keep the anal and vaginal areas thoroughly clean and dry to avoid urinary tract infections which can trigger ‘infection’ stones.

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