Home Remedies To Dissolve Large Kidney Stones

How  Large Kidney Stones Removed Naturally

large ksSubstances that usually go into the making of medicines are capable of causing harmful side effects to an individual, especially when used for a long term.  To minimize the adverse effects of drug therapy, in conjunction with standard treatment methods, home treatments may be employed to relieve and prevent recurrences of the disease condition.

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Home remedial measures are available to treat almost all disorders of the body, including kidney stones.  In case of a kidney stone, natural foods and drinks, exercises, and bringing about alterations in behavior patterns can help in eliminating stones as well as aid in its prevention.

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The most natural approach to keep almost all disease conditions, including kidney stones, at bay is to drink plenty of water.  More water going into the body system will result in more urine production.  Increased urine flow will in turn assist in flushing out toxins, waste and mineral elements from the body time and again, discouraging stone formation.  A healthy intake of water can also flush out kidney stones successfully.  A kidney stone sufferer is encouraged to take, on an average, 3 to 3.5 liters of water in a day.

However, drinking only water in such large quantities may not be an action easy to adhere to, for everyone alike.  Water consumption can be alternated with natural fruit drinks, tender coconut water, vegetable soups, and a beverage made from blending low-skimmed milk with fruits.  Avoid sweetening these drinks with sugar, though; instead, flavor them with natural honey.  Also, avoid carbonated soft drinks, ice tea, alcohol, or canned juices.  These can dehydrate the body; the artificial sweeteners and preservatives in them can interfere with the chemical reactions occurring within, and encourage stone formation.

It is not of absolute necessity to avoid one’s daily cuppa though.  A cup of coffee or tea a day can also be considered as part of the daily fluid intake.  These have a diuretic effect, meaning they encourage urine production; but when not followed by drinking plenty of water, it can lead to dehydration.  Dehydration is considered a major contributing factor in kidney stone condition.  Thus, have a cup of this beverage and drink a glass or two of water thereafter.

Following a regular exercise routine, jogging and running regularly will also aid in rapid passage of stones.  Any form of aerobic workout, strenuously performed, will aid in the downward movement of stones in a natural manner.  Regular skipping and stretching exercises is recommended, but individuals with heart conditions should exercise caution with the aerobic forms of exercising.

Certain yoga poses that massage and stimulates proper kidney functions can be done by all.  One such pose requires the individual to lie on the abdomen, on a flat and comfortable surface, with the hands stretched outward on the side.  Take in deep breaths, and then slowly and gradually lift the head and chest off the ground, stay in this position for a few breaths, and then slowly lower down.  Repeat this a couple more times to gently massage the internal structures situated in the lower abdominal area.

Invest in a heating pad that can be wrapped around the lower abdomen.  Heat will help muscles situated in this region to relax and diminish the pain associated with kidney stone movement.  The one that covers the lower back and sides as well would be ideal for helping kidney stone passage.

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