Kidney Stones in Bladder Removal with Home Remedies

Best Method to Dissolve & Pass Kidney Stones in Bladder

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Kidney secretes the waste material called urine and is composed mainly of those substances that are filtered out of the bloodstream.  Depending on the ratio of water molecules and mineral elements in urine, and its alkalinity and acidity levels, stones may develop initially in the kidneys, thus the term kidney stones.

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They usually start off as tiny crystals, and may move away from the kidneys, travel through the ureters and settle down in the bladder.  Here, again when the environment becomes favorable for more crystal formations, they all can adhere together and form big sized kidney stones.

How You Feel – Symptoms.

If the stones are big enough to block urine flow, causing pain during urination or trauma to the bladder walls, they need to be removed using medical or surgical techniques.  However, small stones with a little stimulation can be forced out of the system by itself.

Home Remedies


Drinking plenty of water will increase urine volume and rate or urination.  This increases the chances for a small stone to get expelled out in urine.  Water in plenty will also dissolve those substances that can precipitate in a dense solution, and prevent any further development of kidney stones

Herbal and Fruit Drinks

The idea is to keep a regular flow of urine, and that too in large quantities, to flush the system off mineral elements.  This can be achieved be taking in herbal and fruit drinks that have a diuretic effect.

Birch leaves

Birch leaves are usually used in herbal preparations that intend to increase urine flow.  They are very aromatic and pleasing to the senses.  Prepare a tea from its dried leaves by steeping one teaspoon of the herb in a cup of hot boiled water for approximately half an hour.  Strain the mixture, sweeten it with honey and consume twice in a day for natural elimination of kidney stones.


Elderberry serves as an excellent diuretic helping to clean out the urinary tract system as well as to eliminate small kidney stones.  The flowers and fruits are used for medicinal preparations.  An aromatic syrup called elderflower cordial is used to prepare non-alcoholic beverages, but kidney stone sufferers are usually not encouraged to consume this because of its high sugar content.  Sugar can interfere with the metabolic process and trigger kidney stones.  Elderberry extracts are easily available at all major health stores.  Purchase it and add approximately six drops to fruit juices or even water to enjoy its benefits.  This can be added to natural drinks twice in a day.

Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds have great medicinal properties and are used to dissolve small kidney stones.  Take a heaped tablespoonful of these seeds and grind it into a fine paste.  Add this to a bowl full of any vegetable soup.  When done frequently, it will help eliminate stones from the bladder.

Holy basil leaves

Future stone developments can be prevented by strengthening the kidneys.  Holy basil leaves will help in serving this purpose because of the medicinal properties it contains.  Take a handful of fresh leaves, clean them up thoroughly and extract juice using a blender.  To one teaspoon of this juice, add honey and consume daily for relief.


All herbal preparations taken in that have diuretic effects should be followed by drinking copious amounts of water to avoid dehydration.

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