Passing Multiple Kidney Stones by Dissolving

 Multiple Kidney Stones Home Treatment

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Kidneys are organs existing in pairs that form a part of the excretory system.  Each kidney is situated on either side of the body just below the ribcage and is about the size of a human fist.  They clean out waste products from the blood and expel them out of our body along with excess water in the form of urine.

multiple kidney stone xray

Kidney stone is formed when crystallization of minerals found in urine occurs.  Under normal conditions, there are chemicals present within the urine that inhibit the formation of mineral crystals, but in some these chemicals do not function as they should and result in kidney stone formation.  Mostly stones formed are tiny enough to be expelled out of the body without any symptoms.  But when tiny stones cluster together, they can obstruct normal flow of urine, cause pain during urination, and also tinge urine with blood that gets released when the lining of the urinary tract gets abraded from the sharp edges of these stones.  When a single kidney stone develops in an individual, chances are that this will recur again and can even lead to formation of more stones at the same time.


Causes & Symptoms

Multiple kidney stones can result when the individual has recurrent urinary tract infections or frequent episodes of urine obstruction.  Moderate sized stones obstruct normal flow of urine out of the body that eventually returns back to the kidneys.  Accumulation of urine causes the kidneys to expand and increases pressure on the surrounding organs and body structures.  Most times, the blockage lasts for only a temporary period, but in situations where it becomes a constant problem, pressure within the kidney can increase to the extent of it bringing kidney functions to a complete halt or cause kidney failure.  Severe agonizing pain between the ribs, hips, either side of the body, lower back, or lower abdomen are often the signs and symptoms of an abnormal kidney condition.


It is important to determine the size and site of obstruction to determine the mode of treatment.  Abdominal x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds and 24-hour urine catch are ways to confirm the presence and type of kidney stones.

Home Remedies

If the size is small, physicians normally recommend the person to wait for it to pass out of the system on its own.  This can be encouraged with increasing the intake of daily fluids.  Once the stone type is determined, further formations can be prevented through dietary changes and alteration of lifestyle habits.  Stones can get formed in both alkaline as well as acidic urine.  To convert alkaline urine into acidic, consume more of cranberries, prunes and plums.  Keeping the urine acidic will also prevent recurrent urinary tract infections as bacteria causing the infection cannot thrive for long in a highly acidic environment.  To increase urine alkalinity, consume more of bananas, figs, citrus fruits, watermelon, coconut, and certain spices.

Magnesium is also known to prevent certain types of kidney stone formation.  Magnesium rich foods are apple, apricot, avocado, certain types of beans and nuts.  They also assist in reducing the size of existing kidney stones.

Leaves of the herb holy basis have natural properties that assist in strengthening the kidneys and helping in prevention of stone formation.  Extract juice from the leaves and blend 1 tsp of this juice with some organic honey to be taken regularly for relief.

What To Do Next ?

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